Farm to Table

Cauliflower Herb Chicken Salad

This salad will knock your socks off! Literally you won't be able to stop eating it! And that is okay... it is zero carbs and almost calorie free-no dressing needed! My inspiration for this dish came from Ali Fedotowsky, I made a couple of changes and additions to her recipe for an extra flavor punch.… Continue reading Cauliflower Herb Chicken Salad

Woods to Table

Deer Burger Showdown-Venison Burgers 2 Ways

There is nothing better than a big, juicy, deer burger! Deer burgers will always be a staple for this Missouri family. Now which burger you ask... well that is a tie between my hubby and I. It comes down to the Whiskey BBQ Onion Burger and the Avocado Ranch Bacon Burger. I will let you… Continue reading Deer Burger Showdown-Venison Burgers 2 Ways