Woods to Table

From Matt-Tanning a Hair On Deer Hide

Hey guys! Matt and I thought it would be fun if he gave some input on some of these posts! Technically, I can't be a hunter's wife without the hunter! Most of his posts will fall under the Woods to Table section-stay tuned this is going to be a blast! So let's jump right into… Continue reading From Matt-Tanning a Hair On Deer Hide

Farm to Table

Cauliflower Herb Chicken Salad

This salad will knock your socks off! Literally you won't be able to stop eating it! And that is okay... it is zero carbs and almost calorie free-no dressing needed! My inspiration for this dish came from Ali Fedotowsky, I made a couple of changes and additions to her recipe for an extra flavor punch.… Continue reading Cauliflower Herb Chicken Salad

Farm to Table

Our Starter Garden

Hey ya'll! I attempting the whole garden thing....again! I am a "wanna be" green thumb! I have great visions of the children and I working on the garden, harvesting our little batch of veggies, canning, and creating healthy recipes for us. Last year I got a couple of veggies; the garden did not flourish to… Continue reading Our Starter Garden

Jesus to Table

Monday Devotional Series-Psalm 139

Happy Monday everyone! I will be starting a new series on Country to Table... Monday Devotional! The series will focus on getting into The Word at the start of every week-this will help you set the tone for your heart and mind in the days to follow. If it is hard for you to find… Continue reading Monday Devotional Series-Psalm 139

Farm to Table

Moist Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I love to bake a yummy, indulgent breakfast on Saturday mornings. During the week Matt is busy with work and can't always join us for breakfast and typically Sunday mornings are a bit hurried before church-so Saturday is the best time to have a proper family breakfast. Some of our favorites are cinnamon rolls, cowboy… Continue reading Moist Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Family to Table

Elliott Baby #3 Reveal

Drum roll please..... for those of you who guessed girl, you are right! The Elliott family is adding another little princess and we are over the moon! All of our children are exactly 2 years apart, which I think is perfect! They have little built-in best friends, I like to be in the "baby phase"… Continue reading Elliott Baby #3 Reveal

Family to Table

Throwback-Gender Reveals

Since we find out the gender of our third baby this week, I thought it would be fun to do a throwback post of our two other children's gender reveals. And I know...many of you think we should wait to find out but we can't! Haha! Have fun watching the videos below. Of course they… Continue reading Throwback-Gender Reveals

Farm to Table

The New Brussel Sprout-Ultimate Side Dish

Say goodbye to the brussel sprout you know and (never) loved. Yes, you know exactly what I am talking about... the boiled, mushy, flavorless, little green balls of yuck! Well maybe it was not that bad for you, but it was for me haha! Have you jumped on board the brussel sprout, power veggie train?… Continue reading The New Brussel Sprout-Ultimate Side Dish

Woods to Table

Deer Burger Showdown-Venison Burgers 2 Ways

There is nothing better than a big, juicy, deer burger! Deer burgers will always be a staple for this Missouri family. Now which burger you ask... well that is a tie between my hubby and I. It comes down to the Whiskey BBQ Onion Burger and the Avocado Ranch Bacon Burger. I will let you… Continue reading Deer Burger Showdown-Venison Burgers 2 Ways

Family to Table

It’s the Little Things

How many times as parents do we try to over-do it? I am laughing at myself as I write this because I just posted about an elaborate 1st birthday-goodness Nicole! But that is exactly how God works... He whispers little convictions to us all the time time to keep us on HIS track, not our… Continue reading It’s the Little Things