Hey Y’all! Welcome to Country to Table, I’m Nicole, wife, mom, Jesus lover, and enthusiast for all things country! My husband Matt and I live in Central Missouri with our two (soon to be three!) kids, Weston-3 and Reagan-1. Together we try to create the best memories and experiences for our children in the midst of all the chaos the world has to offer. Country living is our way of life and we wouldn’t change a thing!

The name Country to Table has a special meaning behind it. The idea is that the “table” is the place for my family to gather, socialize, build each other up, grow and love; this doesn’t have to happen at our literal table, it can be inside or out! Country to Table incorporates all my loves in one-outdoors, food, family and Jesus!!

Here at the site you will see Woods to Table, this is the collection of our love for ALL things outside. We hunt, fish, tan hides, scavenge and are genuine “hillbillies” from time to time. Living in the country and in the woods, we have the privilege to exercise this OBSESSION every day. My hubby and I love hunting and most of our daily food is from what we shoot or catch. Also, on the site you will see Farm to Table, this is my attempt at healthy eating. When I am riding the dedication train (it departs less often than I would like!) I like to cook things from our garden and I try and stay away from processed stuff. I like to try my hand at paleo and whole30. The site also has Family to Table. This is the place that I will bring you along on our adventures, some small and some big! I will give tips and tricks on traveling, life hacks, children, home décor, personal styling, exercise, crafts and basically anything related to my little crew. Lastly, the site has a section, Jesus to Table. Jesus really is the ultimate love of my life so I couldn’t leave Him out. Here I will share book reviews, articles, bible studies and weekly devotions! His table is always a feast and never runs dry!

Come along with my family and I, we are excited to share all what the country has to offer. We are bringing it all to the table AND you are invited to have a seat at that table. We will chat, cry, laugh and bond! This journey is just getting started-I can’t wait!

xoxo Nicole

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