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Our Starter Garden

Hey ya’ll! I attempting the whole garden thing….again! I am a “wanna be” green thumb! I have great visions of the children and I working on the garden, harvesting our little batch of veggies, canning, and creating healthy recipes for us. Last year I got a couple of veggies; the garden did not flourish to say the least. My hubby will tell you the vegetables were thirsty more often than not!! I like to think it was more than just that haha! This year I made sure to get better soil, set up a good watering system and I did a lot of research on companion plants, drainage, and fertilizer. I could tell you everything about having successful garden boxes… lets see if I can walk the walk too! Or at least water the plants!


Weston, Reagan and Matt were so helpful getting the garden started this year. We planted a variety of tomato plants, zucchini, brussel sprouts (of course!), cucumbers, jalapenos, peppers, broccoli and carrots. My kids love to get dirty-it is almost a daily occurrence around here! Our little one on the way will have a lot of dirt stained “hand me downs” in her wardrobe.

One of the tips that I read about was for the green beans… making a climbing system for them. It helps with overgrowth and spacing. Hopefully this works!

If you all have any tips I would gladly take them. Maybe one day a whole section of our yard can be dedicated to the garden… I would love to step out of the literal garden box! For real though… I need all the help I can get! Thanks!!

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