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Monday Devotional Series-Psalm 139

IMG_1277Happy Monday everyone! I will be starting a new series on Country to Table… Monday Devotional! The series will focus on getting into The Word at the start of every week-this will help you set the tone for your heart and mind in the days to follow. If it is hard for you to find the time each day to dedicate with the Lord then start with baby steps and commit to Mondays.

Here is a tip: write out your entire daily schedule for the upcoming Monday, hour by hour. You will realize that you have time that you can carve away for a quiet time, even just for 15 minutes. Then pull out your phone and physically make an appointment with God. Trust me… this is not like a doctor appointment that the penalty for missing is a cancellation fee. This is an appointment that you can NOT afford to miss.

The Monday Devotionals will be easy, simple and understandable for all believers, new or seasoned! If you all have any topics, verse or books of the bible you want to talk about please let me know and we can incorporate it into a devotional. This week I wanted to dig into one of my favorite Psalms… Psalm 139.


Psalm 139 was written by King David-a man after God’s own heart! Take the next few minutes to read Psalm 139. Often times when we read Psalm 139 we are left with an overwhelming sense of peace and awe. For example, when we ready verse 13 we know that God formed us in our mother’s wombs and watched (v15) as we were being formed. His attention to detail, specifically you and I is incomprehensible. Or when we read verse 17 we are told that He has more precious thoughts about us than there are grains of sand. As we continue reading Psalm 139 we finish with a prayer to Him asking Him to lead us down a path of everlasting life. After we finish reading this Psalm we are so overwhelmed with His love for us and we put on this comfort blanket that He gave us. But are we missing something?

Our self-seeking hearts want to go to His Word with ourselves in mind… when really we need to be going to The Word with God in mind. When we alter this track of thinking we allow God to use us how He knows is best. We free up ourselves it allows Him to work His will into our lives…not us battling our wants or what we think is best with Him.

Lets go back to Psalm 139 with Him in mind this time. Instantly our tone changes and Psalm 139 becomes a song of praise and thankfulness to Him. v4 “Lord, thank you knowing what I am going to say before I even say it. I praise your name O Lord because you go before me and follow. Lord, I am so thankful that you place your hand of blessing on my head.” Revisit v13 again with me, when we go to the Bible with Him in mind and not ourselves our view point changes. Now when I read this verse I see that He created me with specification… what is that specification? To glorify Him! Praise the Lord! Psalm 139 was just intended to be a “feel good” message for us… He intended it to be a worship to Him and His characteristics. David did not write it as a pep talk of his significance, he wrote it out of his fear (awestruck fear) of the Lord.

Godly Characteristics (None Like Him-Jen Wilkin):

v1 & 2: Searches, knows and discerns-omniscient

v4 & 5: He is behind and before-eternal

v6: He is beyond human reckoning-incomprehensible

v7-9: He is near and far, high and low-omnipresent

v10-12: His right hand sustains-self-sufficient

v13: He creates life-self existent

v14&15: He does wondrous works-omnipotent

v16: He ordains each day-sovereign

v17: He is immeasurable-infinite

v18: He endures-immutable

Omniscient, eternal, incomprehensible, omnipresent, self-sufficient, self-existent, omnipotent, sovereign, infinite, immutable. No Psalm 139 is not a Psalm entirely about you or me being fearfully and wonderfully made. It a Psalm about our Maker-He is fearful and wonderful. A psalm intended to inspire awe!

Challenge: Go to The Word with Him in mind. Not you! Ask Him what you can do for Him, not what He can do for you!

I pray each of you have a fantastic week!

God bless!

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  1. I love this Psalm. I read it often to my clients at the Pregnancy Center. It is a clear picture of the sovereignty of God, and is a vivid, poetic revelation of the truth that God is in complete control of every human life from the very beginning, even in the womb. God carefully and lovingly plans the course in detail, of each and every life. People are not the masters of their own destiny, but are in the hand of the Lord. We are all lovingly created and the course of our lives are intricately planned by the Master Creator Himself before we are even a mere thought, or not, in our parents’ mind. We are all His masterpieces. He is worthy of all of our praise!!

    There is a song from this scripture that I played and sang to my unborn babies and also to them as I rocked them later in my arms…

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