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Elliott Baby #3 Reveal

Drum roll please….. for those of you who guessed girl, you are right! The Elliott family is adding another little princess and we are over the moon! All of our children are exactly 2 years apart, which I think is perfect! They have little built-in best friends, I like to be in the “baby phase” all at once, and that is just how God planned it to be.


Reagan, our daughter, will be two when her sister is born and I am so anxious to see how the two of them will interact with one another as they grow up. Weston will be 4 when she is born and it is so incredible to see his protective side already coming out. His anticipation for the new baby is different with this pregnancy, he has a deeper understanding of what it all means. And I love watching his heart prepare to love another sibling.

Vulnerable reading ahead… beware! I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I am thrilled, thankful, blessed (all those warm words!) to be having another baby girl! But if I am being completely honest I had a millisecond moment of worry when the ultrasound tech told us it was a girl. Suddenly I was flooded with emotions and questions. Can I have the same deep relationship that I have with my mom with two daughters? Will Reagan miss out on anything now that she has a sister to “share” everything with? On and on… until I recognized I was giving the enemy a win over this special moment. I think a majority of my worry is a fear of the unknown. I am the only daughter in my family and never had to share my mom, dad, or clothes (haha) with a sister. But the more I prayed about it, the more I had an overwhelming peace and convictions seeped into my heart and mind. God reminded me that some of the most important women in my life would tell me that some of their greatest relationships in their life is with their sister(s). They would tell me the depth of their sisterly bond is different than what they have with their mom. And that is exactly what I want for Reagan, a best friend for her (it’s about my kids, not me) entire life. And the fact that I get to have a mother-daughter bond with two little girls is a double blessing. I know without a doubt that my guys, Matt and Weston, will love this little girl without skipping a beat.  Us moms, over analyze everything/skip beats too often and if we aren’t careful our earthly minds will prevent us from fully seeing a Godly moment. I am here to glorify Him and I will do that by being the best mom I can be to my three HEALTHY children. What a privilege!

Wowzer-that was almost too mushy gushy and vulnerable for me. Let’s turn this blog frown upside down!!! Back to the happiness, celebrating our little girl! Check out the gender reveal video below. We are so excited to share our God given miracle with you all. Another little rascal is going the crew! And I have am truly blessed and thankful to be her mom.

Matt has planned all the gender reveals for our kiddos. He is so good at being authentic to who we are as a family and having a blast with it. Below are some candid shots I took as we prepped for the reveal. Also… this is my new favorite pic of Matt, goodness gracious, he is one good looking guy! The kids are cute too-haha!

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3 thoughts on “Elliott Baby #3 Reveal”

  1. Congratulations!! You are so right about the things that can creep into our minds over our kids. I don’t have a son but I God gave me 2 very different daughters, and now a 3rd, to love and be close with. Each relationship is different and unique. You’re so blessed. Weston will be the best big brother, no doubt. The only part I’m so sure about…you enjoying them all being little at the same time! Yikes! You’re tough. 😄 When they all start learning to drive…oh my! 😉

  2. Congratulations! Truly a blessing from our Heavenly Father! Can’t wait to meet another sweet baby Elliott. 💕
    “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭127:3

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