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Throwback-Gender Reveals

Since we find out the gender of our third baby this week, I thought it would be fun to do a throwback post of our two other children’s gender reveals. And I know…many of you think we should wait to find out but we can’t! Haha!

baby announcement

Have fun watching the videos below. Of course they are country-we could not do them any other way!

Our first born Weston, who is now three, had an epic reveal! Matt shot his bow from one of his stands and exploded a balloon on a target. Listen closely to the video and you can hear him do doe and buck calls.


Our second kiddo, Reagan is 1 now and had an explosive reveal. Literally! Matt used his Savage, 30-06 rifle to blow up 2 pounds of pink tannerite. Loved it!


Click the link below for Reagan’s tannerite explosion:

Any recommendations for how we should announce the third babies gender?

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