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1st Birthday Party-Reagan

I absolutely love planning my kiddos birthday parties! It is one of my favorite things as a mom to do, even when they are little and probably won’t remember it, I still go over the top-haha! Party planning makes my heart leap because it is one of those things that checks all my boxes: organization, fellowship with others, hosting, socializing, celebrating, anticipating the event (the days up to the party I am like a little kid anticipating Christmas morning!), gift giving, and of course one-on-one attention for my little baby! 

For both of my kids 1st birthdays I like to make the theme replicate their nursery. It is a symbolic party since we are saying goodbye to the baby days and prepping for toddler town! Reagan’s nursery is a floral deer theme, lots of arrows, deer pictures, flower signs, etc. So it was easy to plan a party accordingly! 

With all that being said, my realistic side does come into play and I quickly reel in all my ideas and focus on a couple of main party designs. This helps me stay on a tight budget and not let my one year old’s party break the literal piggy bank! 

Tips for a budget friendly party: 

*Use decorations that you already have (nursery decor, toys, etc) 

*Take a peek at your calendar for upcoming events you might be hosting and buy paper products and utensils in bulk that can be used for both- I had women coming over for a bible study luncheon, so I knew flower napkins would be a hit!

*Delegate (I know that is a dirty word to us women!) but seriously! Ask others to bring sides dishes, drinks, etc. Celebrate your baby! 

*Less is more! I had the cookies and small cake be the main decoration of the party and then hit up Oriental Trading Company and Amazon for the rest

I did make two splurges for her party (total for both was less than $50) I got her an Etsy onsie with a deer and her name on it and I bought custom cookies since a lot of family doesn’t like cake and this made it easier for me to focus on her rather than having to cut a cake.

I hope you enjoyed this post-we loved celebrating our little Reagan! Any other birthday tips you all have? What have been your favorite parties? We are coming up on the birthday season again and you know me, I’m already planning and Pinterest boards have been made!

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